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How to Master Energy Efficiency for Your Rental Property

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Mastering energy efficiency offers property owners numerous benefits – one major benefit being lower energy bills. You may be surprised to know that maximizing energy efficiency also benefits the economy, both at the national and global level. It saves the economy billions of dollars in energy production costs while increasing the national gross product. To help you make a positive impact on your wallet and the environment, below are the top 3 energy concerns for property management in Boston and their solutions.

Property Management in Boston – Energy Concerns and Their Solutions

Boston property owners can renovate their buildings to add equipment that save energy as follows:
  1. Air Conditioning
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According to the Real Estate Boston website, air conditioning accounts for up to 48% of the overall utility bill for rental property owners. In addition, air conditioning releases significant amounts of carbon in the air.
Solution: Use the appropriate size of AC units in relation to your building size and design. Often, property owners assume that the bigger the AC unit the better, but the truth is an oversize AC unit doesn’t perform optimally. Another option is to automate air conditioning systems.
  1. Lighting
managed rental property in Boston Some tenants notoriously leave lights on even when not using them. The accumulative effect of this behavior is that at the end of the month the property owner receives a high energy bill.
Solution: Install sensors and dimmers. They sense lack of activity in the corridors and either dim the lights or put them off. Use compact fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. You should see a considerable reduction in your energy consumption and bill after that.

  1. Insulation
Poor insulation puts pressure on the heating and cooling systems as they attempt to sustain favorable thermal conditions in the property.
Solution: Go for quality insulation materials. Ideally, the building should be checked for air leaks before insulation. Specialists perform the blower door test to detect air leaks in the building. To prevent leaks, you should seal chimneys, access points, pipes and electrical conduits.

Weatherizing Boston Rental Property

The Greenovate Boston Organization points out that weatherizing property will significantly reduce carbon pollution, and enhance energy efficiency in it. Weatherization is achieved through proper insulation and plugging air leaks.
Working with a property energy specialist to assess energy efficiency in rental property is the first step to mastering energy efficiency. Those in charge of property management in Boston stand to benefit by saving substantial amounts of money and making the lives of their tenants more comfortable.

Property Management Boston

Notably, there are numerous building automation systems available on the market such as automatic thermostats, lighting automation systems and HVAC automation systems that centralize and computerize energy efficiency efforts. Speak with one of our rental property managers at Mediate Management about the best ways to improve energy efficiency for your property rentals.
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